First Step : Resign

Not Unemployed…..    Funemployed!

20 years in the hard slog of climbing up the corporate ladder… and i come to this point in life where i am questioning… ‘am I happy with my reality?’

The answer… ‘Yes’.  Actually Im happy…most of the time.   Im generally an optimistic character.   I love my career, I’m proud of what I have achieved and I still have a passion to do better.  Sometimes too much passion.. I found my job took all my time, energy and desire to find a balance.

So I came to a tipping point… the balance was already way out and I had been looking for an exit to my reality but not the confidence to do anything… until now.

It started last year, when my doctor quite un-gently informed me that I was moving out of my ‘prime’.  Seems during my career I put my life on hold but my body kept ticking along towards Middle Age (not the knights in shining armour type age)!    So I started to wonder how I could reverse time and find that young adventurous person again.  That thinking disappeared Monday to Friday as my job took over every waking and sleeping moment.

And then my dear beloved Tigger was diagnosed with terminal doggy cancer.  Tiggs was actually my flatmates border collie who I moved in with 2 years ago.  I loved him like he had been in my life forever.  He made my everyday when I came home from work.  It didnt take long.. less then a month before we were told there was no more fighting the disease and time to put him to his final sleep.  That quick! From running around like a pup… to the long farewell.  What if that happened to me? to my family?

What was I waiting for?? A Sign?  This was it then.


First Step : Resign

So here I am.  Resigned from a fabulous job, a stall on a great career, possibly a wrong decision, but SO SO happily unemployed or better yet Fun-employed.

Note: as a Program Manager… this resignation did take some planning, some savings, some risk analysis and risk taking!

Second Step : Reset and Reflect

The second step in the right direction is to take myself out of my comfort zone and have some fun at the same time.  Ive booked a month long trip – by myself – from the hot dusty north to the wet coastal south of  Western Australia, including some tenting on the beach, hiking in the forests and camper-vaning around.

Days filled with photography, reading, thinking, breathing and living.  A full reset.  Follow me on Instagram @chels_e_buns to see what I get up too, the adventures, the reflections, coping with ‘van-life’ and the great unwashed!

Third Step : Regain a life

Let see where this blog goes, chapter by new chapter and hopefully it goes for the better! Heres ‘Cheers!’ to regaining fun, joy and living a full life

And “Cheers” to you for reading the start… hopefully Ill keep you entertained for the whole journey.






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